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Our beliefs about God and His creation will determine the way that we live. In this series, we will explore some basic doctrinal and theological beliefs, making them practical to our everyday lives. If you would like more resources and suggested reading related to this series, click here!

Join us as we walk through the New Testament book of Ephesians. As we go, we will see the story of the work of Jesus in our lives, and the the story of living out our faith in the world.

What is spiritual formation?  What are the rhythms and patterns we can put in our lives that lead us to being formed to be more like Jesus? 

The Bible has a ton of practical stuff to say!  The book of Proverbs provides wisdom for daily living on a range of topics, from life and death, to money, and to relationships.  God is inviting us into a life of wisdom!

We often live anxious lives in an anxious world.  How do we find peace in a world filled with anxiety?

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