First Visit?

RENAISSANCE CHURCH WILL BE ONLINE ONLY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Our livestream is available at 10am each Sunday. Search “Renaissance Church Montreal” on Facebook or YouTube.

What to Expect

Frequently asked questions and what you can expect on your first visit.

What is a Sunday morning service like?

Each service starts with worship music that could be a mix of traditional hymns, and modern worship songs. The musical style is primarily acoustic guitar with various added instruments. There is also time at the beginning to enjoy coffee and donuts together.  Our pastors share teaching from the Bible and how it applies to the Good News of Jesus, our lives, and the mission of Renaissance Church.  We are an English speaking church.


Who attends Renaissance Church?

People of all ages, backgrounds, and communities attend Renaissance. Montreal is a diverse city, and we seek to reflect that in our church.  We believe that with each new person, Renaissance becomes something new and uniquely gifted to carry out its mission. What gifts and talents will you bring as you serve and worship with us?


How big is Renaissance Church?

You’ll join about 30-40 people each week in worship.


What about kids?

Each Sunday, we have childcare available for kids ages 4 and under during our services. **Note** These classes are not during the holiday season**

For 5-9 year olds, we have a class that takes place between our services, from  10:30am-11:00am.  This age group will then be in the church service with their parents. **Note** These classes are not during the holiday season**

For kids ages 10+, we offer a class after our church service, from 12:15pm-12:45pm.


What should I wear?

The atmosphere is casual. The point is not the outward appearance. Come comfortable!


COVID-19 Measures

In order to maintain health and safety, each person will use hand sanitizer when arriving and when leaving. Regular hand washing is encouraged. The use of masks is required. You may bring your own mask, or we will have masks available. Social distance of 2 meters will be maintained. If you are showing even one symptom related to COVID-19, we ask that you not attend Renaissance in person, but rather join us virtually through our livestream. Thank you for helping us maintain health and safety for our church and our community!


If I have more questions, who should I talk to?